Media Accreditation

We are delighted to see you are interested in our events. As an organiser of public-access shows and industry trade fairs at Messe Wien we greatly appreciate your medial support. Hence, we would like to simplify access to information about our events and our company by providing you with media accreditation. However, we hope you understand that demand for accreditation is immense and unceasing, and that, resultantly, accreditation must be limited numerically, can only be approved after careful inspection of your data – and can only be granted in compliance with the following rules.

The following qualify to apply for media accreditation:

As a foreign or domestic representative of the media you must be able to provide evidence of journalistic (and photo-journalistic) activity as follows:

  • By presenting original articles bearing your name, no older than 6 months old at the time of the show, or which were published at the time of the previous event.
  • By presenting an original imprint listing your contribution in an editorial function, as a permanent member of the editorial team, or as an author, dated no longer than 6 months prior to the show.
  • By presenting original written and signed instructions given to you by an editorial contractor, proving clear thematic relevance to the current event.
  •  By providing a link to an online publication well-established in the respective field of event publicity.
  • By proving, as a representative of the media, that you regularly report on the relevant event, thus making a significant contribution to the success of the event in the media. It is necessary to include copies of actual published articles and links with your accreditation application.
  • By proving you are the holder of a valid and officially recognised press pass for journalistic input with a direct thematic relationship to the event in question. (Membership passes and badges issued by journalistic clubs and associations do not count as press passes).

Please note: Sending us or showing us bona fide evidence of authentic involvement with the event can significantly accelerate the evaluation and processing of your application for accreditation, as well as the likelihood of a positive response. We reserve the right to inspect any evidence of journalistic activity you may present, even if you have already provided a valid and officially recognised press pass. In individual cases we may request to see a valid item of ID featuring a photo (ID card, passport, driving license). There is no right to accreditation. Inclusion on our press distribution list does not signify automatic entitlement to a press card.


Messe Wien reserves the right to request proof, both before and after the event, that the journalist in question will – and has – reported from the event.

The following groups do not receive accreditation:

  • Individuals without any journalistic legitimation, such as account managers, sales managers, advertising managers, webmasters, PR consultants and members of the public accompanying journalists.
  • Austrians living in Austria who show us a foreign press pass.
  • Individuals who present written instructions issued by a freelance journalist.
  • Individuals who use Social Media solely for private purposes.
  • Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.


The Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien press team